custom van interiors

services include

* Custom upholstery 

*wall panels kits & upholstery 

* flooring installations 

* Window installations of all types

*captains chairs, sofa beds, double benches with quick release hardware, sleeper bed systems and more. 

* seat reupholstery 

* insulation

*carpet and flooring of all type. 

* most electrical systems installations 

* custom partitions and sectioning

* custom seating installation and fabrication

* full interior restoration

* classic retro van interiors

* and we have a crew of highly skilled technicians that can offer you the following services - electrical troubleshooting, custom cnc plasma cut signs, emblems & parts, custom fabrication and welding, seat systems modifications, upholstery, minor wood working (not includint cabinet fabrication), 

 we have been in business for a pretty long time and have worked on nearly every van imaginable, we typically specialize on interior work and everything that falls in the category, upholstery, interiors and custom seating being out bread and butter. We pride ourselves in our work and the ability to take on a challenging request like custom fabricating seats and benches that become one huge bed in side the van or installing sofa bed bench seats in any particular location, recovering old and torn captains chairs with new upholstery in order to meet your requirements or interior look you might have in mind, really there is no limit to how creative you can get, off course were not highly skilled in absolutely every aspect and project that might come our way, there might be some limitations to our ability to make or create something so feel free to ask any questions by sending us and email. 

 From camper van interior conversions, service van modifications and commercial vehicle custom designs, we can help get it all together if you need a hand, many service vehicles deal with dirty wet jobs and if you have a carpet you know its just gonna get destroyed so we offer rubber mat flooring and interior sectioning, custom partitions if you need a private sectioning and can even incorporate a custom sliding pocket door for maximum interior utilization.


we deal with a lot of old school retro vans, classic van interiors and retro style restoration, we started customizing vans in 1992 and have completely restored many classic van interiors from the ground up, from being completely gutted, no seats or anything to a remarkable one of a kind interior with olds school style or custom seating! 

 we can even help you get all the interior components you might be looking for like swivel bases, seat, captains chair and sofa bed bench seats. we custom fabricate many of our own sofa bench bed seats and can meet any dimensional requirements, custom fabricate them with reinforced steel if you need something durable for your need and more. 

If you love your van and want to fully restore it like it was in its prime or even if you'd like to fully customize the interior well you've come to the right place! over the years we have encountered a lot of wild requests so please don't hold back if you have a vision of what you really want. well work with you every step of the way and give you some feedback on all possibilities and options, doesn't matter if you want something plane and simple or if you want diamond design patterns all along the headliner and side walls. 

Here's a video showing some new custom fabricated seats that we specially designed to fit in this 2018 promaster camper van interior, these are specifically made for the purpose of saving space and maximizing interior options, versatility and flexibility. The seats meet at the center to become a single giant bed and can individually convert into bench seats facing each other positioned and securely mounted on the side wall panel with a reinforced steel frame, when these seats are in the bed position they lock in place and can swing up toward the side panel to create more room for any cargo you might need to bring along with you on your camping trip or even help someone move several boxes, the hole point is to maximize your interior and give you the option to quickly and easily give you full control of your interior space.